What you need to know about a lithium battery BMS (Battery Management System)

What you need to know about Battery Management System (BMS)

A lithium battery is an important part of the electric bike, electric scooter, hover-board, moped, unicycle, or electric tricycle, etc. Some men would like to DIY the…

Power wheelchairs vary based on various modifications, including size, style, weight capacity, indoor/outdoor use, portability, and other special features.

For example, wheelchairs intended for indoor use only are typically lower and narrower, with smaller, smoother tires while a wheelchair intended for outdoor use will weigh more, but also have thicker…

Modern e-bikes all prefer to use “brushless” hub motors, just because they are more durable than the “brushed” counterpart, besides the maintenance cost in them is also very little.

What is the difference between brushed and brushless hub motors?

Brushed Hub Motors

A brushed DC motor uses a configuration of wound wire coils…

SUR RON electric dirt bike story

SUR RON story — Accompany you to anywhere

First stop: The Wide Songhua River

Though it is s still very cold in Harbin in the spring, especially here on the wide river that the wind is stronger, it could not stop my desire and passion to have a good time here.

The quiet environment, the clean snow, the…


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