Brushed Vs Brushless Hub Motors

Modern e-bikes all prefer to use “brushless” hub motors, just because they are more durable than the “brushed” counterpart, besides the maintenance cost in them is also very little.

What is the difference between brushed and brushless hub motors?

Brushed Hub Motors

This contact of brushes and commutator wears the brushes that these brushes have to be replaced regularly. This replacement is not so expensive but to manage this work itself is not so easy.

Brushless Hub Motors

The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. As there is no physical contact from any parts of the motor inside, therefore there is virtually no wear and tear possibilities, making the motor’s durability limitless. These motors require sophisticated controllers, and it makes it possible for using three different windings, and power is supplied by individual windings according to the position they are in the movement. When the motor passes one winding, the controller passes the power to another winding, making the movement to continue without stopping.

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