SUR RON electric dirt bike story

SUR RON story — Accompany you to anywhere

First stop: The Wide Songhua River

Though it is s still very cold in Harbin in the spring, especially here on the wide river that the wind is stronger, it could not stop my desire and passion to have a good time here.

The quiet environment, the clean snow, the warm sunshine…Just enjoy it.

Second stop: The mysterious Sun Island

Located on the north bank of Songhua River in Harbin, Sun Island is a multi-functional scenic spot composed of ice and snow culture and folk culture.

Enjoy the scenery on the way to the Sun Island.

There are few people, and there may be surprises on the way.

There are some ancient Russian houses on the Sun Island,which looks warm and favorite, especially the small courtyard with fences and walls. They are quite different from the luxurious buildings are in the city center. Imaging living here, nice.

Third stop: the old green leather train box

The old green train box stands here for a long time, just as an old friend, always here.

As time goes by, is it still as good as it used to be? or is any damaged?

Fourth stop: the off-road vehicle venue

The off-road vehicle venue is a skiing venue at the earliest, and now the four-wheel drivers are occasionally coming here.

It is the paradise of SUR RON driver. Downhill, uphill, free-jump, u-turn…

It would be cool to hold a SUR RON match here.

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